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Interbase SQL Compliant

InterBase is an SQL standards-compliant database. InterBase strictly follows SQL industry standards. It supports Unicode and is ideal for any character set globally, and it offers multiple-join Unicode, real-time event alerts, and our patent-pending Change Views’ SQL-based change tracking.

  • Change Views. Change Views speeds up applications and lowers network traffic and costs by identifying and fetching only the changes made to the database. Read the Change Views white paper.
  • Multigenerational Architecture. Connects with consistent database snapshots, ensures readers don’t block writers from making changes and increases scalability.
  • Event Alerts. Events enable a real-time alert to connected clients when a change is committed. This saves on CPU intensive database polling and increases database scalability.
  • Customizable. Easily customize with custom field types, stored procedures, custom exceptions, and triggers. Customization helps automate database logic, data transformation, and easy maintenance.
  • Generators. Generators allow you to fetch sequential numbers that are typically used for primary keys. It will not assign duplicate keys. Generators enable InterBase to produce key values centrally in the database.

Which edition is right for you?


Cross-platform, zero-install, embedded database as a library, just link to access the database.

InterBase ToGo

Cross-platform, zero-install, embedded database with database and column level encryption – AES (strong) and DES (weak).

InterBase Desktop

Concurrent applications/client access to the database on Windows with database and column level encryption – AES (strong) and DES (weak)


InterBase Server

Ultrafast, scalable, SQL server database for Windows and Linux with commercial-grade data security, disaster recovery and change synchronization

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IBToGo, Desktop, Server


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